Installation Costs of Vinyl Siding Part 1

Vinyl Siding Installation and Benefits

There are four types of siding available in the market.  Between metal, wood, fiber cement and vinyl, insulated vinyl siding is by far the most popular way to cover the exterior of your home in the United States. Vinyl is also one of the cheapest siding options available, depending on installation size and area.  If you have a multi-tiered home the installation cost of insulated vinyl siding begins to rise and may be more expensive when all said and done than something like metal siding. Metal siding is rather simple to install and clips together much easier than any type of vinyl on the market. However; most homeowners find the diversity in colors, textures and appearance of vinyl to be worth the extra spend.

Cost Factors Of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is available in many variants. Trying to fix a price to the cover all of these different material styles is difficult, but is generally within about 10% of each-other.  The visual aspect determines the complexity of manufacturing and thus the cost of production. The question really comes down to what style and texture are you looking for? The main reason for the price variation depends on the manufacturing process and the incorporation options at the time of making.

The Visual Aspect

Available in many colors, shapes, styles and textures; this is assured that the vinyl will always attract some glances. So, this is surely an advantage of this material. Having this wide selection of styles and textures, you can always find a vinyl matching your style in the market. The most common options are shake siding and textured horizontal siding.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Gray siding being installed around a freshly replaced window.

Vinyl siding installation progress

When deciding between your options, be aware that the maintenance cost is very low with this material.  Whether you decide to power wash or clean it is up to you, but vinyl is very durable and resistant to degradation.  You can use your simple garden hose pipe to wipe the dirt away from the siding. In case of an exterior mold or plant, you can use you a soft brush paired with cleaning solutions. But, if you choose to remove it from a pressure washer, this is advisable that you should use the pressure in low pace as high pace may loosen the grip between the wall and siding.

Power-washing Vinyl Siding

When doing the washing job, you should remember to start the work from the top. By working your way to the bottom, reduces the amount of rework required.  This will cause the grime you remove to run down to the area that you still need to clean, instead of mucking up what you just washed.